Assad Al Sagheer
Ali Fayadh
Assad Alshatry
Abdul Kadhim
Awes Munem
Ahmed Nussaif
Buthaina Abd-Raheem
Bashar Flaih
Dalya Mohammed
Falah Alani
Ghada Alani
Hadi Mahood
Hassan Ibrahim
Haleem Kasim
Isra Ali
Jhaffer Mohammed
Majid Hashim
Muhammad Al-Kasim
Maarib abd-Jabbar
Mohammed Al Zubidi
Mohammed Hemdan
Mohammed Jafaar
Mohammed Mssayer
aMajid Hashim
Nada Aayed
Nibras Hashim
Nashwa Mumtaz
Nagham Taha
Readh Alfouad
Sarmed Khazi
Sattar Darweesh
Saad Hamoud

Biographies were tanslated by
Traci L. Lombre

Project Assistant
Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Chicago

   To dedicate one's life to art is a struggle even in the
most stable society. There are inherent barriers that
weed out those who aren't serious. Those who remain
are truly passionate and dedicated to an artistic and
creative life. But, in times of upheaval, extreme chaos
and war, even the most dedicated artist can be stifled by
the immediate concerns of his or her life. Those who
continue to produce despite the horror that surrounds
them can truly be called an Artist
      Unfortunately, artists are the first group to be
abandoned in times of trouble. Art is seen as a luxury
when starvation, misery and murder are the norm. A
fundamental tenet of our organization is that art and
artists are not a luxury, but are in fact the foundation of
society. Art is essential to the survival of culture. It is the 
very medium of culture. If culture is the foundation of
society, then how important the artist?

The role of artists becomes even more critical during
times of social upheaval. Unfortunately, support for the
arts disappears in these periods, and artists are
marginalized. Iraqi Art strives to move the artist from
the margins to the center, to shine a light into the
shadows, to give voice to those who have been muted.
This is why we are here.

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